Devin Singletary says he'll wear No. 26 with the Giants, previously worn by Saquon Barkley

Giants fans, keep your No. 26 Saquon Barkley jerseys. Just put Devin Singletary's name on the back.

Singletary signed with the Giants this week and will likely be their starting running back, a position previously held by Barkley. Both players have worn No. 26, and Singletary says he'll keep that number.

"Yeah, I'm wearing 26, I had 26 since I came into the league, so that's the number I'm sticking with," Singletary said today.

Singletary wore No. 26 for four years in Buffalo and one year in Houston. Barkley wore No. 26 for all six of his seasons with the Giants. It became a popular number for fans to wear in the stands, and with Singletary now taking Barkley's role, that will continue to be the case.