Devin McCourty shared some excellent insight on how to defend 49ers, Chiefs

For nearly seven years now, we've had access on PFT Live to the analysis of former NFL quarterback Chris Simms. He has helped many better learn the demands and realities of playing the position at the highest level of football.

On Friday, anyone who watched our weekday show saw former NFL defensive back Devin McCourty does the same thing, from the perspective of those who try to stop quarterbacks.

Devin offered significant tidbits for how to defend the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He also explained what the Patriots (the team with which he won three Super Bowls) would have done to account for the surprisingly potent running skills of 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy.

It's the best analysis you'll find anywhere of defensive strategies without jargon or concepts that require a Ph.D in football to understand.

The always-punctual McCourty (he's the first one to show up on Sundays at NBC) also was nine minutes late for the spot, which games Simms and me some fodder to give him a hard time right out of the gates.