Derrick Rose buys a $2.8 million condo in Chicago’s Trump Towers

Because of yet-to-be determined NBA salary bylaws, we don't know exactly how much Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose is set to make with the contract extension he signed last December, but all indications point to pulling in around $100 million over the next five seasons of his stay in Chicago. We do know that he recently signed a massive $200 million deal to stay with his preferred shoe company over the next 13 years. And all this goes a long way toward aiding him in his recent purchase of a $2.8 million, three-bedroom condo in Chicago's Trump Tower.

The deal, as reported by Dave Matthews at Chicago Real Estate Daily, sounds like a match made in sky-scraping heaven (heaven help me for writing that last line) for the 23-year Bulls MVP.

The condo offers uninterrupted, nearly panoramic views of Chicago, said Andrew Glatz, president of Chicago-based brokerage Crown Heights Realty and an active agent in the tower. The unit also includes four bathrooms and a den.

"He got one of the top four units in the building," said Mr. Glatz, who was not involved in the deal. "For a guy who's 23 and living a bachelor life, I can't imagine a better bachelor pad."

Well, until the guy finds a way to get his own potato skin bar wedged into his living room, we can always imagine a better bachelor pad.

Rose apparently stayed at the hotel in Trump Towers last summer for three weeks, and promptly became smitten with the building because "no one bothers you there"; although we should point out that most hotels offer convenient "Do not disturb" or "No moleste" placards to hang from your room handle these days, if Rose is interested.

Derrick's new digs clock in at around 3,100-square feet, it is "near the top of the 92-story tower," and he negotiated a pair of parking spaces into the purchase. Also, it's believed that Rose warmly smiled after making the purchase, watched a little game-tape, and then hunkered down for a pregame nap.

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