Dennis Rodman's Las Vegas bender mentioned on 'The Last Dance' being made into movie

If the legend of Dennis Rodman had been forgotten, the popularity of the Michael Jordan-centric docuseries "The Last Dance" – that chronicled the Chicago Bulls' 1997-98 championship season – returned it to the public conscience.

The film's third episode included Rodman's midseason trip to Las Vegas in the name of debauchery with friends and then-girlfriend Carmen Electra and is now being made into a movie called "48 Hours in Vegas."

The plot, according to Rolling Stone, revolves around Rodman parading around Vegas with a "skittish" assistant and a team general manager.

Dennis Rodman was a key member of the Bulls' championship teams.
Dennis Rodman was a key member of the Bulls' championship teams.

In "The Last Dance," Jordan and coach Phil Jackson commented about how Rodman had asked to take off for Vegas for a few days after Scottie Pippen returned from injury roughly halfway through the 1997-98 season. As the party continued days later in Chicago, Jordan told the story of arriving at Rodman's apartment to bring him back to practice.

While that bender took place in the middle of the season, "48 Hours in Vegas," will make the story even more Hollywood by setting it in the middle of the Finals.

Rodman himself is an executive producer on the movie. The film is being written by Jordan VanDina with Christopher Miller and Phil Lord producing.

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