DeMeco Ryans, players excited for fans to see Texans’ new uniforms

Will Anderson Jr. was asked what he thought about the new uniforms before their launch to the public next Tuesday evening. The reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year smiled, then put his index finger over his mouth.

“Shhh…” said the Houston Texans’ star defensive end as a few chuckles filled the media room at NRG Stadium.

Anderson, the fun-loving, quarterback-hunter defender, later gave a more detailed answer without giving away too much information.

“I think they’re dope,” Anderson said. “I think it really just gives back to the Houston community and I think it does a good job of getting the community back involved in football. Back involved with the Texans brand of ball and I’m really excited for everyone to see them. I’m really excited for everyone to see what we have going on here.”

After two-plus decades of the same look, the Texans are getting a well-earned makeover. It’s a new era for the franchise under a longtime favorite DeMeco Ryans, so it’s only fitting the team looks fresh to complement their new approach.

Ryans, the mastermind behind Houston’s six-win turnaround and postseason berth, remembers back in his playing days wearing the Battle Red and Steel Blue uniform combo in front of screaming fans on Sundays. He lasted suited up at NRG Stadium in 2012, but the jerseys have been a constant.

“It’s 2024, time for a fresh look for the Texans,” said Ryans. “I know we’ve had the same uniforms since our organization started here in 2002. I was messing with the guys earlier, talking about how I wore the same uniform that they’re wearing, and I think it’s time for an update.”

Texans Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Doug Vosik was tasked to come up with a new design that would best encapsulate Houston and its city. The project began back in 2022, with a few different marketing designs being released over time.

One major detail that was implemented in the new apparel was a stylized H or ‘H-Town’ design on the back. That became the baseline incorporating a new logo along with the famous bull head that resides on the helmets.

“Fans challenged us back a little bit and they said, ‘When I wear Texans gear, I’m repping my city. We love repping the H when it comes to Texans gear. What do y’all think of that, Texans?,’ ” Vosik said in a video released by the team. “So, we poked a little bit more and said, ‘Do you just want a new H on more hats, hoodies and shirts? ‘ And some of them challenged us pretty clearly and said, maybe it would be cool if that was somehow on a sleeve or on the back of a jersey or how do you bring that H identity, rep the H, into the uniform? And we took that challenge very seriously when the fans told us that.”

The Texans involved their fan council, along with staff members, media members and current and former players to get input and ideas, incorporating much of that feedback, which included 10,000 surveys and more than 30 focus groups, into the uniform redesign.

Last month, a small group of fans, local media members and Texans players were able to see the uniforms in person. Pro Bowl quarterback C.J. Stroud said H-Town should enjoy the new look as it’ll bring a new energy to a rejuvenated franchise.

“I’m super excited just to be wearing new stuff,” said Stroud. “I liked the unis last year too, but I think it’s time for change and it’s a new era now. We’ll be able to build with these unis and look good while doing it.”

Texans owner Cal McNair confirmed the photo leak on social media of a model wearing the team’s new road uniforms was true, but decided to up bring in a bit more fire.

Instead of simply confirming the uniform, McNair posted a photograph on Reddit of receivers Nico Collins and Tank Dell wearing the new threads.

“The uniforms looked a lot better on them,” McNair said at the owner’s meetings last month in Orlando, Fla. “They’re excited to put them on and show them off and we’re excited for the fans to see those. We just felt like it was the right thing to be transparent and straight-on and address it.”

All four uniforms for the defending AFC South champions will be unveiled at the team’s official uniform release party on Tuesday, April 23, at the 713 Music Hall starting at 6:30 p.m.

Story originally appeared on Texans Wire