DeMeco Ryans was "distraught" seeing the 49ers lose in the Super Bowl

DeMeco Ryans has been head coach of the Texans for a year, but he still lives and dies with the guys he battled with during his six seasons as an assistant coach in San Francisco.

As a result, Ryans says he was devastated watching the Super Bowl because he so badly wanted those guys to get a ring.

“I literally fell on the floor when [the Chiefs] scored that touchdown at the end of the game,” Ryans told Jennifer Lee Chan of “I was in it. I felt, of course, like I was still there, a part of it.”

Ryans said his feelings watching the game at home with his kid weren't much different than if he had been there on the sideline.

“I was sitting on the couch watching it and it was a heartbreaker,” Ryans said. “I literally fell on the floor and I was distraught. I felt like they played such a great game against the top quarterback in the league. And for them to do what they did, it was just unfortunate to see them lose that way.”

Ryans was devastated for 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw, who tore his Achilles during the game, and for 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan.

“I wanted so badly to see Kyle and those guys come away with a Super Bowl win, because I know the work that Kyle puts in and he deserves it,” Ryans said. “It was unfortunate to see them come up short and it really hurt me like I was there and still a part of it.”

Players like playing for Ryans because they know he cares about them. And he doesn't stop caring when he stops coaching them.