Dean Blandino: Cowboys fans won’t let me forget about the Dez Bryant call

Michael David Smith

Dean Blandino left his position as head of NFL officiating more than two years ago, but he still can’t go anywhere without hearing about one particular call from his time running the officiating department.

That was the Dez Bryant catch that was overturned to an incompletion in a playoff game against the Packers, a replay reversal that Blandino says the NFL got right, regardless of what Cowboys fans think.

“The one call that I don’t necessarily think about all that much but people won’t let me forget it was Dez Bryant,” he said on the High Motor podcast. “Under the rule, that was the right call.”

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Blandino said his conscience is clear because he knows the call was correct, but it always comes up.

“Any time I tweet about anything, there’s always one person that will tweet, ‘Dez caught it,'” he said. “I appreciate the passion fans have.”

What Blandino says he does regret is a 2015 touchdown catch by Lions wide receiver Golden Tate that was ruled an interception on the field but overturned to a touchdown on replay. Blandino says that play was wrongly overturned, and he regrets that one — not the Dez Bryant play.

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