Daunte Culpepper vs. Kirk Cousins: The Real Forno Show

Just one week before Memorial Day, there isn’t a lot going on before the end of the month. The one thing that happened on Monday was the beginning of phase three of Organized Team Activities. What can we get from these practices? What is Tyler most looking forward to seeing?

As it often does, the debate about who the best quarterback is between Daunte Culpepper and Kirk Cousins rages on. The debate was re-ignited by PFF’s Sam Monson and Steve Palozzolo on an episode of the PFF NFL Podcast. It’s a difficult conversation to have, but one that needs to happen.

Who is better and why is it Culpepper? We discuss this in-depth on the latest episode of The Real Forno Show line at 6 pm central time or on demand on the Vikings 1st & SKOL YouTube channel.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire