Dan Campbell is glad Justin Fields has left the division

The Bears, as you might have heard, have traded quarterback Justin Fields, a first-round pick in 2021. The coach of one of Chicago's top rivals is happy to see Fields leave.

"I'm not gonna lie, it’s nice to have Fields out of that division," Lions coach Dan Campbell said at the league meetings in Orlando, via Ryan Taylor of

Right, but Campbell might not be thrilled with the replacement. The Bears moved on from Fields because they plan to use the first overall pick on a potentially major upgrade over Fields. We assume that will be Caleb Williams, unless the presumptive No. 1 overall pick decides he doesn't want to play for the Bears — and if the Bears respect his decision.

There has yet to be any indication that Williams doesn't want to play for the Bears. And, frankly, it's entirely possible that the Bears handed Fields to the Steelers for next to nothing as a way to ensure that Williams will choose to play for the Bears.

Three years ago, the Bears gave up the 20th overall pick, a 2021 fifth-rounder, a 2022 first-rounder, and a 2022 fourth-rounder in order to get Fields at No. 11. Fields was the quarterback of the future, until he wasn't.

Williams, in three or four years, could be in the same boat. By bending over backwards and giving Fields his preferred destination, Williams might believe the Bears will do that for him, if things don't pan out for the Bears and Williams in Chicago.