Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons reacts to team’s first-round NFL Draft pick

Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons and Texans starting quarterback CJ Stroud took part in coverage of the 2024 NFL Draft as a part of Bleacher Report’s B/R Gridiron Draft Night.

This was the second year in a row Parsons has worked with Bleacher Report during the NFL Draft which also hosts his podcast “The Edge with Micah Parsons,”

Hosted by Adam Lefkoe, the live stream featured extensive coverage of draft selections including the Dallas Cowboys who selected Tyler Guyton with the No. 29 pick.

Parsons said Guyton could add important depth to the team.

“I’m not mad at the pick,” said Parsons, “Obviously losing Tyron Smith we need more depth out there on our left tackle so I think it’s very interesting...we still got some veteran leadership, Terrance Steele bouncing back so really I like the pick it’s not a bad pick we picked up depth, we needed o-line help.”

Parsons also pointed out Will McClay’s exceptional track record as vice president of player personnel for the Cowboys.

“I’m never going to question Will McClay what he’s done [drafting], Tyon Smith, Zack Martin, Tyler Smith, I mean he really hasn’t missed in this department. I agree with the pick and I like it,” said Parsons.

The Cowboys next draft selection won’t come until the No. 56 pick in the second round, which is set to begin on Friday at 6 p.m. at the area surrounding Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza.