Déjà vu: Tiki Barber offers critical take on New York quarterback

Former New York Giants running back turned media personality, Tiki Barber, is at it again.

Famous for criticizing teammates and coaches in his day and afterwards as a radio/TV analyst, Barber is leaning into the notion that the New York Jets second-year quarterback Zach Wilson is not the dedicated leader the Jets make him out to be.

Barber says that Wilson is preoccupied with ‘building his brand’ which is taking his focus off of the synergy he should be bringing to the rebuilding Jets offense.

“Isn’t the narrative what we pay attention to? And the narrative around Zach Wilson is that he’s hanging out at, you know, the Rangers games, he’s at the Yankees game… he’s everywhere!” Barber said during Tiki & Tierney last week.

“I almost feel like it’s intentional, like he’s putting himself out there intentionally to build his brand, just like all of these young players who come into any sport, it’s what they do.”

Wilson is also embroiled in a scandal in which his ex-girlfriend accused him of having an affair with one of his mother’s friends.

That is up for debate, but the reality is, Wilson has been working quite hard at team unity and acclimating himself with his teammates as JET X recently pointed out.

Wilson traveled all over the country to work with his receivers, attended Tight End University to build chemistry with his guys, and, most recently, spent time with the Jets offense at an Idaho ranch to practice together.

In closing, the writer suggests that Barber save his criticism for his old team, the Giants.

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