Crafty seagull surfs on the back of a fast moving speed boat

Seagulls are crafty birds that will often engage in daring or intelligent behaviour to get food. They are known for swooping in and grabbing food from picnic tables, beach blankets, and even out of the hands of unsuspecting people who turn the other way for even a moment. This seagull is either after a snack or he is lazy enough to hitch a ride on a boat instead of flapping his wings to get where he is going. The bot in this video is a dive boat from Chuck & Robbie's Dive Instruction in Belize. They are making their way from a dive site to a snorkel location where they will take part in an educational experience geared toward shark conservation. Nurse sharks will be fed scraps of fish as part of the learning experience. It is likely that the seagull can smell the fish in the cooler and he knows the routine enough to know that sticking with the tour might get him a full belly. Surprisingly, as the divers climbed on the boat and the motor started, the little bird stayed right where he was. Even as they picked up speed, the boat held his position. As the waves rocked the speeding boat, the seagull swayed and bobbed and was content to stay on his perch. The guests were amused and delighted to see such persistence. As the boat reached its destination and slowed, the seagull lifted off and watched carefully for opportunities to swoop and gobble up the scraps. For his efforts, a few were tossed into the air to make it easier for him to get his share.