Cowboys’ fake punt works, trickery then backfires

The Dallas Cowboys worked a fake punt to perfect in the fourth quarter on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

Watch as Brian Anger throws a dart to C.J. Goodwin to get a first down with a 16-yard play.

However, Dallas wasn’t content with its success and it wound up costing it before the next snap.

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The Cowboys left the special-teams unit on the field, sending Anger to a wideout position. They were hoping to create chaos for the 49ers and force them into a timeout.

The only chaos that ensued was Dallas sending its offense on the field way too late and before Dak Prescott was able to get the ball, the play clock burned down to zero.

A five-yard penalty for delay of game and Dallas faced first-and-15 rather than first-and-10. It wasn’t able to get another first down and had to settle for a Greg Zuerlein field goal that cut the deficit to 23-10.