College football transfer portal and NFL draft calculus are related

How does the college football transfer portal work? That’s something everyone in the sport is interested in knowing. Yet, it’s hardly the only tension point connected to the portal itself. Another rich vein of intrigue in the portal is how its existence creates an extra option for players to consider. If one season of college football didn’t work out well for an athlete, the idea of transferring to another school might sometimes be better than going straight to the NFL, as one anonymous player said to The Athletic:

I didn’t really hear from any schools during the season. I think most people thought, including myself, that I was looking to enter the draft and I really wasn’t looking down that route, so I don’t think those schools were viewing me as a potential portal prospect either. But then I was thinking, “I do have one year of eligibility left,” and I was hearing that I was projected to be a late Day 2 or Day 3 pick, so I felt like if I do have this one more year where I could play in the Power 5 to boost my draft stock, I might as well take it.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire