Will Clark reveals hilarious Rickey Henderson base-stealing story

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Will Clark reveals hilarious Rickey Henderson base-stealing story originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Will Clark had his number retired by the Giants on July 30, and it's no surprise that many are having the 58-year-old recount stories from his playing career.

During a Tuesday appearance on KNBR's Tolbert and Copes, Clark answered a question regarding his favorite player to have at first base. The Giants legend had a 15-year playing career, with many players coming over to chat at his position.

However, one player and story came to Clark's mind: Athletics Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson. The former outfielder was known for stealing bases, and Clark recalled an interaction as Henderson was about to steal second base.

"The funniest, hands down, was Rickey Henderson," Clark said. "... When he was at first base, he always talked in the third person, saying, 'Hey Thrill, Rickey here.' I go, 'I know Rick.'

"... He's got the whole sign put on. He's getting mad. 'Rickey wants to run.' I said, 'Well, Rick, go ahead on.' He goes, 'You got it. Rickey gone.' "

Clark continued with the story, telling Tolbert and Copes the approach Henderson had when it came time for him to take off and swipe second base, displaying the personality many expect from the A's legendary player.

"I look at the dugout there, (manager) Roger Craig. He's looking at me. I go, 'He's running right here, right?'" Clark said. "So we pitch out. Ricky slides in because he's the best there ever was.

"He slides in safe at second base. He jumps up, and he's pointing at me. 'I told you, Thrill. Ricky Gone. Ricky Gone.' "

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Henderson was at the Oakland Coliseum this past Sunday, as several Oakland legends were in town to celebrate the A's Hall of Fame Class of 2022. The legendary A's outfielder shared a moment with NBC Sports California A's analyst Dave Stewart, showing off the personality that many love about Henderson.