Chiefs credit Chris Oladokun for playing the Lamar Jackson role on scout team

Chiefs quarterback Chris Oladokun is earning his practice squad paychecks this week.

That's the word from Kansas City defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who says Oladokun is putting in hard work playing the Lamar Jackson role on the scout team to help the Chiefs' defense.

“He did it yesterday for us,” Spagnuolo said, via USA Today. “I will say we’re fortunate that we have Chris. He did it last week for us. He was Josh Allen. . . . Even in practice, because you’re not tackling anybody, see, not finishing on a guy. But there are some things that we have talked about in how we should practice to prepare for him. And I think Chris gives us as good a look as we’re gonna get during the course of a practice week.”

Oladokun has never played in a regular-season game, but he's a mobile quarterback whose limited preseason work included a 30-yard run. No one can do everything Jackson does, but the Chiefs hope Oladokun is giving them a good enough look to get a feel for it before taking on the real thing in the AFC Championship Game in Baltimore on Sunday.