Cam Newton responds to Panthers fans who were irked over his Bryce Young take

Some Carolina Panthers fans are taking up for their current franchise quarterback by pushing back on a former one. But the former one isn’t budging.

Two weeks ago, Cam Newton ruffled some feathers amongst the faithful when he said that Bryce Young—the team’s current starter under center—would be taken behind Houston’s C.J. Stroud and Indianapolis’ Anthony Richardson if we ran back the 2023 NFL draft.

Here’s the clip:

Oh, and here are some of the ruffled feathers:

Well, he addressed the bit of ire he got from Panthers fans on this week’s episode of 4th & 1 with Cam Newton . . .

To be fair to Newton, he was answering a hypothetical question by stating what he thinks the league would do in such a situation. In fact, he himself said he would’ve picked Young before it even became a reality.

“If I’m the GM, if I’m the head coach, if I’m David Tepper—I’m selecting Bryce Young,” Newton stated last April. “And we all know the upside, we all know he went to Alabama, we all know that he has an incredible arm, upside, whatever. Relatively young.

“But, at the end of the day, all that changed when the NFL chose Baker Mayfield No. 1, when you chose Kyler Murray No. 1. Like, that’s not even a valuable topic or valuable, kind of, point. That’s not even a valuable point that you’re trying to make if you’re tryin’ to say he’s small. My thing that I will point out that makes all the difference in the decision is this No. 1 stat right here—23-4.”

Unfortunately, the new record currently sits at 2-15. But luckily for Young and the Panthers, there are a whole lot of games left to be played.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire