C.J. Stroud discusses Jonathan Greenard and Dallas Turner

Texans quarterback has been very active in the media this offseason, his latest discussion came about the two newest pass rushers for the Vikings. Jonathan Greenard, who came to the team via free agency, and Dallas Turner, who the team drafted 17th overall in the 2024 NFL Draft, have big expectations.

During his offseason work with Bleacher Report, C.J. Stroud discussed the Vikings pairing those two together. His main talking point came to the affect that Greenard last year in Houston helped shape Will Anderson Jr.’s development.

He wasn’t that bad of a teacher, evidently, as Anderson Jr. would go on to win Defensive Rookie of the Year.

“Jonathan Greenard helped groom Will (Anderson Jr.) into who he was last year. Now he gets to help Dallas (Turner) and that is huge for Dallas to learn from a veteran like JG. . .that long arm bull-rush, just being a complete defender. JG is one of the best rushers I have ever gone against. . .”

Stroud seems very bullish on the prospect of those two together, not to mention the individual praise given to Greenard. That excitement should be carried over to fans and media alike as it is most likely that the Vikings knew about the help Greenard gave Anderson Jr. when they drafted Turner.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire