Brooklyn Nets have no All-Stars for 2023-24 season

The Brooklyn Nets are looking to turn around their season so that they can get back into the Eastern Conference playoff race before it’s too late. As they move forward, they will be doing so without any players who will be going to the All-Star Game in February.

The NBA announced on Thursday who the reserves are for the 2024 NBA All-Star Game that will be played in Indiana on Feb. 18. While Nets guard Mikal Bridges was in the top-10 of the fan voting for the Eastern Conference frontcourt players through most of the rounds, he did fall out of the top-10 in the last round of voting.

No other Net received enough votes to be in the top-10 at any point of the voting so with Bridges not being named to the All-Star Game, that means that no Net will be participating in the event this season. This is disappointing considering that many in the NBA space believed that Bridges could potentially make his first All-Star appearance this season.

This marks the second straight season that no player will represent the Nets in the All-Star Game. To be clear, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving did make the All-Star Game last season due to their performance with Brooklyn, but at the time of the event, both players were representing their respective teams after being traded at the deadline.

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire