Broncos can wear alternate or throwback uniforms 3 times this season

The Denver Broncos unveiled new primary, alternate and throwback uniforms on Monday. With blue, orange and white options for their jerseys, pants and helmets, the Broncos can mix and match to make nine different jersey/pants/helmet combinations, plus a 10th throwback look.

The Broncos will keep orange as their primary orange jersey and the dark navy blue will be the team’s alternate jersey. Denver also introduced a 1977-inspired throwback uniform with an orange jersey and light blue helmet.

The Broncos will wear their primary blue jersey for most home games and their primary white jersey for road games. Denver can wear an alternate or throwback uniform up to three times per season.

The Broncos will likely wear their blue jersey as an alternate at least once this year, which means the throwback uniform won’t be worn more than twice in 2024. Unfortunately, Denver can’t wear an all-white alternate uniform because the blue jersey has been designated as their alternate jersey.

So unless the Broncos introduce a white alternate jersey in the future, the team’s white alternate helmet will be paired with the navy alternate jersey. And that alternate uniform will cut into the number of times the throwback uniform can be worn each season.

Judging by how well the throwback uniform has been received, fans in Denver probably won’t be too pleased to hear this news.

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