Brewers Uribe, Peralta and Murphy and Rays' Siri suspended after brawl

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Milwaukee pitchers Abner Uribe and Freddy Peralta and Brewers manager Pat Murphy were suspended along with Tampa Bay outfielder Jose Siri by Major League Baseball Wednesday for their roles in a brawl.

Uribe was suspended for six games and Peralta for five, with both players launching an appeal to shorten the punishment.

The Rays said Siri would appeal his three-game suspension while Murphy served the first game of his two-game ban on Wednesday, when the Brewers beat the Rays 7-1 in Milwaukee.

All four were ejected from the Brewers' 8-2 victory over the Rays on Tuesday.

With one out in the sixth inning, an errant fastball from Peralta hit Siri -- who had homered earlier -- in the left thigh.

That led to Peralta, and an incensed Murphy being ejected.

When Siri came to the plate in the eighth he hit a ground ball that was tossed to pitcher Abner Uribe covering first base  -- where the two traded swings that brought players racing from both dugouts. Siri and Uribe were ejected after order was restored.

"I could tell that something was being said," plate umpire Chris Guccione said. "We tried to get in there to break them up, but it happened so fast that it blew up."