How is Bob Myers' contract situation affecting Warriors' overall vibe?

Ask Kerith: How is Myers' situation affecting Dubs' vibe? originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

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A lot has happened since I put out a call for mailbag questions.

Let’s start with the reports that Kyrie Irving wants a trade to get out of the Brooklyn by the Feb. 9 deadline. If Kyrie wants to leave, would Kevin Durant stay? And if not…KD TO THE WARRIORS?!?!?

It’s fun to think about. Adding KD to this team would make them instant NBA championship contenders again. I believe the Warriors need to capitalize on this moment to see if they can win one more championship while they have Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

But adding KD? Not sure how the money works in this plan. Steph will make nearly $52 million dollars next season. Klay is due an extension this offseason. Draymond still needs to decide his fate with his player option. Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins and Kevon Looney signed extensions last summer.

There are massive amounts of money at play here and it would be impossible to keep everyone. The Warriors spent considerable time and development shaping this “Foundational Six” and collecting young players to plan for the future. Do you unwind four seasons worth of work to reunite with a player who grew dissatisfied here? It reopens the questions about why KD left.

There’s plenty of fondness for KD around the organization. It’s worth a phone call to explore the possibility of a reunion. But something makes me hesitate about a change this colossal. We know that having Steph and KD specifically on the same team is a massive level of star power that heightens the spotlight with top-to-bottom organizational impact. Let’s acknowledge how huge the frenzy would be, after the Warriors already went through it once with KD and turned the page.

Sometimes people don’t reunite with their favorite ex for a reason. As much as I love KD, I think the fondness belongs in memory.

OK. Mailbag time. All the questions come from Instagram.

@kensportsfan asks: What’s the vibe around the team regarding the contract situation for Bob Myers?

Bob Myers was the most popular mailbag topic, and his contract situation is important.

He has been the Warriors' general manager since 2012. It’s normal for one’s relationship with a job to change over time. “Is it worth it?” is a question we all ask ourselves as we assess our happiness and the demands a job makes on our lives.

If he’s having any personal feelings about wanting more time with family, or a simple desire for change after being in one place for so long, only Myers can answer that.

The next layer is money. CEO Joe Lacob said on a podcast with The Athletic that Myers is in the top-three of highest paid GMs. Further reporting from The Athletic determined Myers’ salary is more like sixth, seventh, or eighth. The man who was the architect of four championships in eight season has every reason to demand that he should be the highest paid GM in the NBA.

Additionally, if Lacob is getting more involved with day-to-day decisions, does Myers feels like he can do his job with autonomy?

The vibe around the team is losing Myers would be a big deal, but it’s unclear if that will happen yet. The players like Myers. He genuinely cares about them as people, and he’s truthful.

He also has more than a decade of history with the main players. They’ve built this team together, and with a bunch of things to address in the offseason, not doing it with Myers would be jarring.

Right now, Myers will do everything possible not to make himself the story until this season is over. I would guess he prefers the negotiations to be as quiet as possible until there’s something to announce.

@raffsf asks: Do you think Kerr has reduced the rotation too much?

Yes. But Kerr has done so to put the players he needs on the floor to win. Which is another problem, how much they have to scrap to get wins. Riding eight main guys can grind down their bodies during the regular season. All this for a .500 record is concerning.

@_ianchandler asks: What do the senior players think about the win now vs. long-term planning debate?

I think Steph, Klay and Draymond care about leaving the team in good shape when they reach the twilight of their careers. They can see the vision of protecting the future for an organization they love. They’re also willing teachers.

I also think they would expect the front office to do everything it can to help them capitalize on one more championship opportunity, Maybe this is the final year they’re all together. Maybe Father Time’s impact starts to accelerate on their bodies. There’s an urgency to seize the moment.

I don’t think it would be selfish for this all-time trio to say “choose us” when Lacob, Myers and Kerr have to finally decide the direction of the team this season. Straddling both sides of young and old has made the Warriors an average team. A trio like this does not come around frequently in basketball history. When you’re certain you’re going to retire their jerseys, you should also be certain you prioritized them while you had them.

@Joedotcas asks: Do you think we will sign Donte to an extension? 

I hope so, however, Donte Divencezo has the power to decide his fate. He has a player option for next season, and his solid play this year could earn him more elsewhere. He would be smart to explore his options.

He reminds me of Gary Payton II, as far as likeability and hustle and impact on winning. After letting GPII walk, it would be sad to see Donte leave too.

@drewatt asks: Realistically, how is the soul of the team? 

They’re frustrated. Little cracks come out here and there when Steph and Draymond talk about the same issues repeatedly. A crack is not a canyon though. They’re fine.

Losing stinks, but I don’t see anyone disengaging. No one in the locker room has arrived at the conclusion the season is over and they don’t have to try anymore.

As far as vibes go, the players like each other. There’s a little natural split between the young players and old players because they’re in different worlds in their personal lives, but the cohesion as a team is there.

@ingo.denker asks: Fave region-specific road snacks?

The beignets in New Orleans, or the wings in Atlanta.

@Alphabravosports asks: With some folks just recovering from injury, will All-Star break be helpful or harmful for conditioning and coherence?

The All-Star break always is helpful because it’s the only mental break that comes during the season. Don’t forget about that side of the game.

I understand your point about conditioning and coherence. When we spend so much time talking about players being in rhythm, here’s a one-week interruption, right? But at this point in the season, the routines are so locked in, stepping away for a break is helpful to feel refreshed and excited to come back. There are chapters to the season, and the one that starts after the All-Star break is the push for the playoffs. That push is more urgent for the Warriors this season.

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If players want to stay in rhythm, they branch off with personal workouts on their own schedules.

It’s funny, the guy I want to see take a break is Steph, but he’s the one who has to take part in the All-Star festivities. The weekend is not grueling, but it is long and attention-grabbing with all the demands on his time. I hope he gets two beach days somewhere after the game.

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