David Ortiz hit in groin by toddler

Blair Johnson
Yahoo! Sports Minute Blog

You would think a slugger who's been intentionally walked over 150 times in his career would know when to 'pitch around' a batter. But then again, when you're pitching to a toddler, all bets are off.

If you're just seeing this amazing Vine for the first time, that's David Ortiz giving his 2-year-old nephew Garrett Gandarillas some impromptu batting practice before the Boston Red Sox game against the Tampa Bay Rays. In front of a bevy of photographers, Little Papi shows the world where he got his swing when he hit a line drive right back up the middle (and we'll use the word 'middle' to refer to multiple things right here).

After limping off the field following his team's heartbreaking loss to the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons star receiver Julio Jones added injury to insult. He awaits a second opinion from doctors, but all signs point to his season being over at the expense of a foot injury. Ahmad Bradshaw won't need a second opinion; the Indianapolis Colts placed him on the IR following a season-ending neck injury.

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Michigan Wolverines sophomore forward James Murphy scored one of the most beautiful goals you will see this season against Ohio State in college soccer, or 'football' if you're dialing up this clip from overseas. Murphy, the Oxford, England native did France's Thierry Henry proud with a beautiful strike that would prove to be the winning goal in a 1-0 match against the Buckeyes. Can't you just imagine Musburger's take on this Big Ten match. And he's only a soph-o-more...

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