Video: Agassi recalls the greatest shot of his career

In an interview prior to his Monday night charity match with Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi was asked about the greatest shot in his career.

Speaking with's Steve Tignor, the eight-time Grand Slam champion recalled his over-the-back winner in a 1995 U.S. Open match against Alex Corretja:

"I remember it because they show it a lot, so it sticks in your mind: That shot when I was playing Corretja at the U.S. Open, where the guy hits a lob over my shoulder and Corretja comes to the net, and he thought I was going to let it drop and play something else, and I just literally took it over my left shoulder and I hit it like a bullet. He just didn’t have time to react for it."

Sometimes the Tweener isn't always the best option.

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