The Onion mocks tennis, writes that nobody excited for season

The Onion has long been my favorite site on the Internet. Thus, I was excited when the satirical news site took a swipe at the unpopularity of tennis earlier this week:

The story reads, in part:

NOWHERE -- With Super Bowl XLV concluding the 2010 football season and with several months to go before the 2011 baseball season, absolutely nobody in the country confirmed Sunday that they were looking forward to watching tennis. [...] Although even the faintest thought of the 2011 tennis season occurred to no one whatsoever, 95 percent of the country has reportedly been wondering what Michael Chang is up to.

What's Michael Chang been up to? Like most Americans, he hasn't been paying attention to the NBA's regular season.

If The Onion said this about a sport that wasn't football, baseball or basketball, fans of that sport might get all indignant and defensive. But unlike, say, hockey fans, I find that tennis fans aren't super-sensitive about the fact that they love an unpopular game. I'd think that many are proud of it and wear their passion for the sport as a badge of honor.

And The Onion is right about one thing. Nobody is looking forward to watching tennis (at least this week), because so many of the tournaments don't have any live streams. Would it have killed Memphis to have thrown a camera on Andy Roddick on Tuesday?

Read the whole sarcastic thing.

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