Spanish third division club’s away kit has a broccoli design

When Liverpool's alternate kits were released over the summer, everyone laughed and said they were awful. The away kit looks like a game of Space Invaders and the third kit looks like a bad '90s golf shirt, but at least they weren't designed to look like a giant head of broccoli. Yes, broccoli.

Surely such a design would only exist in the fevered hallucinations of the most drug addled mind. But it actually is a real thing worn by a real team. The away kit for Segunda Division B (the third tier of Spanish football) club La Hoya Lorca was designed to look like broccoli. And this isn't just any broccoli kit, it's a lucky broccoli kit.

La Hoya Lorca are based in Murcia, which is known as "the vegetable garden of Spain." Broccoli is one the region's largest and fastest growing agricultural exports, so, according to Globo blog Brasil Mundial FC, the club decided to honor that fact last season with a broccoli kit. La Hoya went on to win the Tercera Division for the first time in the club's brief history, so they naturally credited the broccoli kit with their success, and, as a result, decided to keep on wearing it this season. This has earned them the nickname "El Brocoli Mecanico" (Clockwork Broccoli).

And now you have a favorite team in the Spanish third division.