Sevilla turn subs bench roofs into giant hot dogs

With so many Spanish clubs in massive amounts of debt, they're being forced to get creative in finding new streams of revenue. Sevilla have already proven to be innovators in sucking some extra cash away from their fans by allowing them to buy the placement of a tiny photo of themselves in the number on the back of their favorite player's shirt. But now they've turned their focus to corporate money and allowed maker of sodium-enriched meat-like byproducts Oscar Mayer to turn the roofs over their subs benches into giant hot dogs.

The new hot dog benches were debuted during Sevilla's 2-0 loss to Barcelona on Saturday, which means that, yes, the reigning European champions had to sit under a giant vinyl tube of meat with a ketchup and mustard swirl on it.

The new benches are part of a partnership between Sevilla and Oscar Mayer that will run until the end of the season.

Here's another photo from the Oscar Mayer Spain Facebook page...

Next up for Sevilla: Players wearing Burger King heads while they play.