Roberto Carlos not only understands Pepe’s behavior, he loves it

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Pepe's tendency to step on fingers, kick backs and even mistake his own teammates for the people he actually wants to attack can be difficult to understand for most people, but Real Madrid and Brazil legend Roberto Carlos totally gets it.

From AS:

Do you understand the behavior of Pepe?
There are some positions in the field that have to be different. The goalkeeper, one of the centerbacks and a forward. Iker is quiet but has a degree of madness. Pepe has character and madness. And Benzema speaks little, but when he does he has character. Pepe is transformed in the shirt of Real Madrid. Off the field he is quiet, but on it he changes and wants to be the reference. I love that. You have to have someone like that.

So according to Roberto Carlos, every club needs to have a player who isn't afraid to act like a violent madman. Jermaine Jones' transfer price should be on the verge of skyrocketing then.

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