Man City planking war drives Micah Richards to stick head in oven

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Planking is an Internet meme that requires the participant to lay face down, stiff as a board in unusual places. It's quite popular and has even caught on with the Man City boys , who have been trying to out plank each other in recent days. You can see each blow in the planking wars between Shaun Wright-Phillips, Joe Hart and Micah Richards here, but this is the only one you really need to see. Micah Richards, planking with his head in his oven.

I guess the difference between photo opportunity and cry for help would be whether or not he turned the oven on before sticking his head in it. Hopefully this ongoing battle doesn't escalate to the point where Mario Balotelli is planking on top of his Maserati while speeding away from a dangerous mudslide.