Hargreaves scores, celebrates with troll face

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Owen Hargreaves actually started a real football match (well, a Carling Cup match) and not only did he make it through the opening kick off without his legs exploding, he even scored a goal. Yes, Hargreaves, who joined Man City from United on a free, put his new team up 1-0 on Birmingham in the 17th minute. And as a way of telling Alex Ferguson "You should've watched my ridiculous training videos and kept me," he looked into the camera and gave a troll-face smile that will probably be featured on a Man City billboard by the weekend.

So, the Carling Cup continues to be a fun place for injury-prone men named Owen. At least until the inevitable ligament snap or return to the bench.

Here's video of the Hargreaves goal...


Photo: Getty

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