Fulham bought eight chickens to lay eggs at training ground

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With a Michael Jackson statue outside Craven Cottage, Fulham decided that the next step was to have eight live chickens live at their Motspur Park training ground. So they've gone ahead and made that happen.

The club says the move is a part of an environmental initiative that also includes planting fruit trees and a vegetable garden at the complex, but it sounds like their accountant figured out a clever way to save on egg costs and start a petting zoo at the same time.

From Fulham's official website:

The introduction of the chickens is just one of the environmental based initiatives aimed at enhancing an ecologically-friendly environment throughout the Club. The hens will be farmed for their eggs in a free range environment that will result in a higher quality egg for consumption by the players and staff.

It is estimated that each of our hens is capable of laying more than 300 eggs a year and if the project is a success then more hens will be introduced over time. They are residing in a spacious coop which contains a shed for shelter, with suitable protection against predators.

In other words, Martin Jol won't be able to get anywhere near them.

You can help name the chickens through Fulham's Twitter page using the #fulhamchickens hashtag. The club will announce the winning names (Cluck Dempsey?) in the matchday program on April 21. And if they don't have FulHAM and eggs on the menu in the executive suites that day, someone needs to lose their job.

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