Football Box: Like a sandbox, but better

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The 40th International Exhibition of Inventions is underway in Geneva and Venezuelan Jose Pires Tavares has already won it on the very first day. Now, I don't know if an international exhibition of inventions is something that can be won, but that doesn't matter.

Tavares' invention is the Football Box, which according to Getty is "an invention for children which allows them to play in a miniature-sized football arena." Netting separates the two opposing players and goals are built into the arena wall. Obviously, the players in the above photo seem to be a bit older than who the box was presumably intended for.

But no matter what the age of the participants, every game of Football Box seems likely to end with the two enclosed players kicking each other and then wrestling on top of the center netting. In other words, it's the perfect tool to prepare kids to be the next Lee Cattermole.

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