First-place Real Madrid eat pizza in dressing room, second-place Barca eat fruit bites

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Barcelona visited Mallorca on Saturday and though they came away with a 2-0 win (Leo Messi, of course, scored the first goal while Shakira's boyfriend had the other), it was what they left behind that interested Canal+. Sending cameras into Barcelona's abandoned dressing room after the match, the TV station discovered the remains of a very healthy matchday spread of bananas, an assortment of bite-sized fruits and water.

When Real Madrid visited Mallorca back in January, they had a significantly different dressing room meal. Naturally, Canal+ also decided to capture what was left of that, as well. And what did it find?

Pizza boxes...

Pizza boxes everywhere.

So what's the lesson we take from this revelation? Second-place teams eat fruit. First-place teams gorge themselves on pizza. And Messi probably eats enchanted turkey meat.

Video of this investigative journalism at AS.

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