ESPN mistakes Man United staffer for Sir Alex Ferguson

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

ESPN named Sir Alex Ferguson as the game's greatest manager, but they also seem to be forgetting exactly what the recently retired 71-year-old looks like. In a video dedicated to the proclamation of Ferguson's greatest, a picture montage started not with an image of Ferguson, but of Manchester United trophy bearer Jim Turner.

The picture was one we featured on DT last month, as it was taken during the club's Asian tour. Getty Images captioned the picture as "a look-a-like of Sir Alex Ferguson carries the English Premier League trophy." And even though Turner only bears a passing resemblance to the ex-manager (who did not join the club on the trip on account of his retirement), he was still mistaken for Sir Alex by "hundreds" of fans on the tour. From the Telegraph:

"It's incredible,” Turner said. “So many fans think I'm Sir Alex, especially when we were in Bangkok for the first leg of the tour.

“I had hundreds asking for my picture and autograph, it was amazing.

"They ask for pics and autographs and I say 'Who do you think I am?' and they say 'Sir Alex.’

“But when I say I'm not him, some don't believe me, because my Northern Irish accent probably sounds Scottish to them!

"Everywhere I go I get mistaken for Sir Alex. America, the Far East, you name it."

Here's the video...

We'll give ESPN the benefit of the doubt and assume this was a sly attempt to spice up an otherwise bland two minutes of rambling, but it's far from the first time their graphics department has had trouble identifying legends of the game.

Previous fun with ESPN graphics: Arjen Robben plays for Portugal, Ashley Young is Paul Scholes, Retired Ronaldo is Cristiano Ronaldo and then there's Shinji "Kawawa"

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