DTotD: When shirt exchanges go wrong

Exchanging sweat-soaked shirts is an honored show of sportsmanship in football and one that usually helps smooth over any sour feelings that build up during the match. At halftime of Palmeiras' match against Vasco da Gama on Sunday, friend Vasco striker Eder Luis decided to give friend and opponent Marcio Araujo his shirt.

Expecting Araujo to follow his lead, Eder took his off before he realized Araujo had no intention of reciprocating. Eder did not appreciate this and tried to just take Araujo's shirt off his body, but Araujo didn't go for that either, yet still took the opportunity to snatch Eder's shirt out of his hand. Araujo then offered a handshake to smooth things over, which Eder refused. A shirt for a handshake simply is not a fair deal.

When a reporter asked Marcio Araujo about the incident before he disappeared into the dressing room, he joked, "He is trying to steal my shirt. He gave me his, but I didn't give mine."

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.