David Beckham trains with the LA Galaxy; ‘He’s got to work on his crossing’ says Bruce Arena

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's been a relatively quiet three months for David Beckham since his teary farewell upon retiring in Paris as a Ligue 1 champion. There's been increased chatter around his potential transition to owning an MLS club, but anyone who thought he would be able to give up playing the game cold turkey really doesn't know much about David Beckham. (fun fact: he also loves kidney beans).

Wearing his old No. 23, Beckham turned up for an LA Galaxy training session on Tuesday. Beckham left the Galaxy with a year remaining on his contract after winning a second straight MLS Cup in 2012, but it seems this was more of an excuse to break a sweat and hang out with some old friends than an attempt to make a quick turnaround on his decision to retire at the age of 38.

Still, Galaxy manager Bruce Arena had some fun with the situation. From the LA Galaxy's official website:

“He’s on trial," Arena joked. "He's got to work on his crossing, on his passing a little bit. If he can get better in those areas, we would consider signing him.

“It was fun. He’s great. It brings a good karma to the group,” Arena continued, this time, sincerely. “It’s always wonderful to see David. It was great for the years that he was here and the fact that he still stays in touch is very important to our team and our organization.”

Beckham did train with Arsenal for a short time between leaving LA and joining PSG (and with Spurs before that). Though you can never say never, Galaxy/Beckham fans probably shouldn't get their hopes up about a comeback.

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