If it continued… (Manchester United v Arsenal)

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Following Manchester United's 8-2 win over Arsenal, Arsene Wenger said he was "humiliated." Man United scored five times in the final half hour, with Wayne Rooney notching a hat trick and Ashley Young finishing with a brace. As awful as it was for Arsenal, it's hard not to ask that one question we keep coming back to: What if it continued?

97' -- Wayne Rooney scores.

101' -- Wayne Rooney scores.

103' -- Ryan Giggs scores (in a non-euphemistic manner).

108' -- Arsene Wenger decides his team desperately needs a young, speedy midfielder.

110' -- Wayne Rooney scores.

114' -- Dimitar Berbatov scores from the bench.

116' -- Bebe scores from Besiktas.

119' -- Samir Nasri texts the score to Cesc Fabregas. Cesc reads it and goes back to sleep. Xavi makes him eggs.

122' -- Wayne Rooney scores.

127' -- David De Gea lets in a weak shot from Marouane Chamakh just to remind everyone that Man United aren't invincible.

130' -- Eric Djemba-Djemba scores.

135' -- Arsene Wenger drops to his knees, finally realizing that a drastic change is needed. He weeps tears of profound enlightenment and begs Arsenal fans to forgive him for losing his way. He then offers a revised bid of £1.50 for Gary Cahill and inquires about the availability of Samir Nasri.

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