Brisbane Roar produce the best injury-time comeback win you’ll see today

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With Sydney FC up 1-0 three minutes into added time, it appeared Brisbane Roar's chances of even salvaging a point were all but gone. In fact, the commentators were so down on Brisbane that when Mohamed Adnan stepped up to take a free kick in excellent scoring position, one of them openly chuckled at his performance on set pieces. And then he curled in a beauty to make him eat his words.

That put it at 1-1 with two minutes left to play in injury time and was surely enough to make Brisbane happy. But they weren't done. About a minute and a half later, Besart Berisha headed in a perfectly deflected cross right in front of goal for the shock winner.

And if scoring two goals in injury time to win the match wasn't enough for Brisbane to ruin Sydney's night, Berisha decided to rub it in a bit more after the final whistle by antagonizing Pascal Bosschaart (3:15 into the video) and trying to get him to follow him into the dressing room for a fight (or something). A scuffle ensued, but the only way this could have ended worse for Sydney would've been if they all fell asleep and woke up with Berisha's hairdo.

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