Bayern Munich’s basketball team wanted Bastian Schweinsteiger to play for them last season

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Existing in the shadow of Bayern Munich's much more popular football team, the club's title-winning basketball team wanted to draw some attention their way at the end of last season. So, head coach Dirk Bauermann came up with an idea.

From the AFP:

"With five games remaining, we won the championship (in 2011) and Bastian Schweinsteiger could have actually played for us at the time," Bauermann wrote in his new book, which has been serialised in German daily Bild.

"The idea was discussed with our sponsors Adidas."

But as much as Adidas probably enjoyed the profit potential of a two-sport star, the football guys weren't about to let their star midfielder risk injury for the basketball team.

"The fact Schweinsteiger would not play for us was ultimately one of common sense, imagine if he he was knocked down or injured," wrote Bauermann, who has coached the national team.

"There were just too many unpredictable risks."

The risks on the football pitch have been too great for Schweinsteiger this season, as he is currently out with an ankle injury. Too bad Bayern don't have a Boggle team to help him pass the time.

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