Arsenal’s Wojciech Szczesny pretends to drink a beer thrown during Man City match

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After taking a 1-0 lead against Man City in the 87th minute and seeing Mario Balotelli sent off a short time later, Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Sczcesny had reason to celebrate with a beer. Lucky for him, a frustrated Man City fan threw one onto the pitch after the ref showed Balotelli his second yellow.

Sczcesny picked up the bottle and showed it to the referee, then pretended to take a sip of the golden brew (that might've also been urine) before getting rid of it. Of course, he only pretended to take a sip because the match still wasn't over and he probably had a limo hot tub full of champagne waiting for him outside the stadium.

Aleksandar Kolarov, meanwhile, wished he found it first.

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