An American artist made a Zlatan Ibrahimovic sweater

Brooks Peck

American artist Lisa Ann Auerbach is currently showing her brand of sweater-based expression in Malmo, Sweden. This, of course, is the hometown of Swedish god of thunder Zlatan Ibrahimovic. So one of Auerbach's designs for the exhibition is a Zlatan (or "Zlatn," as she says it) sweater.

Suggested by an amazing employee at Malmo Konsthall, where the exhibit is behing held, Auerbach introduces the sweater in the video below as being a "ridiculous, over the top sports sweater for a fan." What she meant to say, however, is that it is the greatest sweater to ever exist.

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The design for the Zlatan sweater was inspired by his tattoos, hence the ace of hearts and "kind of weird tribal things." Sadly, it seems unlikely to be mass produced for the holiday season.

The Zlatan sweater is unveiled around 50 seconds into the video.

Thanks to Vladimir for the tip!

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