Adebayor played second half against Wigan with one working eye

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

"I can't even tell that I'm talking to you right now because my eye isn't working."

Emmanuel Adebayor got off to a great start in Spurs' 2-1 win over Wigan, setting up both of his side's first-half goals. The second half proved to be a bit more challenging, though, when one of his eyes stopped working.

From the Independent:

The former Arsenal forward played most of the second-half against Wigan with blurred vision after a collision left him unable to see properly in one eye, but is expected to make a full recovery as he seeks his first goal against Arsenal since the controversial celebration in front of Arsenal fans at Manchester City two years ago.

"I couldn't see the ball. I couldn't see my opponents or anything," said Adebayor, who remained on the pitch until the end. "But it's even better when you have one eye and you're going home with three points. I had a fantastic first half but unfortunately the second-half was quite difficult because I was playing with only one eye."

Despite that significant hindrance, Adebayor played the full 90 minutes. Probably because Harry Redknapp may or may not believe that eyes are like kidneys and that you really only need one.

Anyway, in a few short days, Adebayor will face his former team and sworn enemies at Arsenal and Robin van Persie just might try to get his revenge and make that blindness a little more permanent.

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