Everything is awesome about Frederik Andersen’s LEGO Ducks mask (Photos)

When a goalie is on his game, it’s like there’s a brick wall in front of the net. Provided, of course, the goalie has the right bricks that snap together. Oh, and the KRAGLE, to make the whole thing impenetrable.

To that end, Anaheim Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen will wear what artist Dave Gunnarsson believes might be the first LEGO inspired goalie mask in the NHL.

Gunnarsson said on his Facebook page that he was inspired by the fact that both LEGO and Andersen are natives of Denmark. “Frederik is transformed into a LEGO guy on the mask, of course with Ducks outfit and a goalie mask, and he is building a brickwall with LEGO to protect the goal from pucks…  And on the LEGO brickwall someone has put up a poster of the cool Ducks logo,” he said.

As IN GOAL Magazine notes, the mask also has a shout out to a classic NHL goalie mask and another Danish icon:

Titled, “LEGO Goalie – The Brickwall Builder”, the left side of the mask shows Andersen depicted as a LEGO character building up a blockade in front of the goal. Sitting on the LEGO Andersen’s head is an ode to Gerry Cheevers, as you can see the famous “stitched mask” from the 1970′s. On the right side, the wall is built and stuck to it is a poster with the old Mighty Ducks logo. Clearly, Andersen is aware of those who came before him! Just above the wall on the right, you will also notice a small silhouette of a mermaid. It is, in fact, The Little Mermaid based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen (you guessed it, another Dane). A statue of said the mermaid sits in the harbour of Copenhagen and stands as tribute to Frederik’s home country.

Old school Mighty Ducks logos and LEGOS? We’re one “Whoomp! (There It Is)” away from it being 1993 again …

Needless to say, everything is awesome about this LEGO mask. Although we’d still love to see someone adopt a Good Cop/Bad Cop mask from “The LEGO Movie.” Or, on second thought, which NHL goalie would be awesome enough to design a Cloud Cuckoo Land mask? Besides Bryz …