Tony Parker may miss Olympics because of eye injury from Chris Brown-Drake fight

The real loser in the fight between hip-hop artists Chris Brown and Drake may be the French Olympic basketball team. Seriously.

Tony Parker, a point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, was at a club in New York when the two stars' entourages fought. A shard of glass flew from the fight and penetrated 99 percent of Parker's eye. He had to have surgery to get the glass removed and now has a scratched cornea.

"I'm seeing a specialist in New York with the hope of being given the all clear to play in the Olympic Games," Parker said. "Spurs are very worried. Anything can happen, including me being out of the Olympics. The decision doesn't belong to me anymore. It's in the hands of the doctor and San Antonio."

Parker is a key part of the French team that qualified for the Games for the first time since it won silver in 2000. He is on the roster with fellow NBA players Joakim Noah and Boris Diaw. Without having Parker at point, France's medal chances are severely affected.

So fellow Olympians, learn from this incident. If you happen to be in a club where two popular and commercial hip-hop artists feel the need to act hard, leave the club. As my grandmother always said, it's all fun and games until somebody loses their eye.