#SochiProblems: A semi-comprehensive glossary

#SochiProblems: A semi-comprehensive glossary

The #SochiProblems persist — and boy, has Twitter become the world’s most entertaining complaint box. A reality show in real-time. A Pandora's box of absurdity. A photo diary with more attention than, say, Silje Norendal’s Instagram account.

But we digress.

It all started when BBC reporter Steven Rosenberg posted a picture of two toilets in one stall, which went viral and became a symbol of this Winter Games’ wonkiness. Then came the open manholes. The stray dogs. The people hired to kill the stray dogs. The, uh, tinted water.

For those of you new to the #SochiProblems saga (and who wish to bypass any corruption analysis), we’ve assembled this nifty glossary, as told by the international sports media:

'Bulb market

"Dangerous" water


 Hot water

 Exposed wires

Faulty locks

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Occupied beds

Parental warning


Smoke alarm



Stray dogs

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Toilet trouble

Uncovered manholes

Unfinished lodging



But keep in mind: