Water bottle fail: Dustin Brown realizes why he’s always thirsty

Puck Daddy

There are things Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings is very good at doing: Delivering checks or converting rainbow passes from Anze Kopitar or dancing with Yo Gabba Gabba.

Then there are things that Dustin Brown struggles with; like, apparently, properly operating a water bottle during an NHL game:

Dustin Brown … you're doing it wrong.

Here's a different clip with a little slo-mo action. That subtle glance Brownie gives the bottle just speaks "oh, so that's why I'm parched."

Worst drink bottle fail of all-time on an NHL bench? Consider this: First, Dustin Brown gets an eternal pass from mockery for participating in the single greatest game promotion video in the history of the NHL or G.I. Joe. (Whaaammmy!) Plus, he's got a sense of humor about it:

Second … that question would seem to indicate that someone could snatch the dunce cap from atop Dale Weise's head, one that he earned for this Gatorade Fail as a member of the New York Rangers:

Sure, Dustin Brown tried to drink from the bottom of a bottle. But at least he didn't end up with a bottle cap in his mouth, looking like Vito Corleone and the orange peel in "The Godfather."

s/t to reader Marc Castro.

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