Watch Patrick Maroon, Zenon Konopka fight; feel absolutely exhausted (VIDEO)

This fight between Patrick Maroon of the Anaheim Ducks and Zenon Konopka of the Minnesota Wild … how to label it? It’s not your prototypical “fight of the year” candidate, because the punch rate is so low. But this war of attrition between the two, as they wrestle around half the rink, is nonetheless impressive on a technical level:

Anyone else feel absolutely exhausted by the fight? That's a 1 minute and 27-second long bout.

It’s a draw between the two, with Maroon potentially have the slightest of slight advantages.

It's also a rematch from earlier this season:

Again, tonight's fight might not be your brand of vodka, but you have to respect the stamina here. And the fact that someone, somewhere in Xcel Center probably made the “What a Maroon!” joke tonight.