Watch Mike Milbury’s epic Alex Ovechkin trashing: ‘Act like a man, for god’s sake’

Mike Milbury of NBC Sports Network has been one of Alex Ovechkin’s most consistent and caustic critics during the Washington Capitals star’s career, whether it’s being critical of his hits or his attitude or comparing him to Chad Ochocinco or calling his game (and that of his nation) “eurotrash” or ...

But Wednesday night – Rivalry Night! – on NBC Sports Network saw Milbury trash Ovechkin’s effort against the Philadelphia Flyers during the second intermission. Mom, Dad: Hide the kids.

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Among the highlights:

• Ovechkin “failed” the superstar test “miserably” with “an awful display of hockey” and “should be ashamed of himself.

• “Eight year olds don’t do this in the offensive zone.”

• Ovechkin acted “like a baby” in trying to draw a penalty. “This is ridiculous embellishment. He should be embarrassed by this and so should his teammates. That is silly. Get up and act like a man, for god’s sake.”

• He doesn’t move enough on the wall.

• He doesn’t backcheck.

• And he had the nerve to go off on a line change during a Flyers’ goal.

• Milbury called his play "inacceptable" which ISN'T EVEN A WORD.

Wow. Really, the only thing missing was Milbury destroying an Ovechkin bobblehead with his shoe or wiping his backside with a No. 8 jersey live on the air ...

(We were waiting for Milbury to call Ovechkin a crackhead, but that's actually a term of endearment for him.)

Now, during that rant, you might have heard Milbury say something about playing games on consecutive nights, which Ovechkin did: Getting an assist against Carolina to follow up his 4-point day against New Jersey on Saturday. So maybe he’s a little gassed against Philly.

Or maybe he’s a miserable failure.

Or maybe two periods isn’t exactly enough of a sample size for this evisceration.

Or maybe Mike Milbury has been doing this for several years, and will do it again.

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