Watch Jarkko Ruutu send Sami Mutanen over the boards with a hit, because he’s Jarkko Ruutu (VIDEO)

The NHL is locked out. The arenas are dark. But our hockey hearts are warmed by the notion that somewhere, Jarkko Ruutu is still pissing opposing players off.

Here is Ruutu, playing for Jokerit in an SM-Liga game against Ässät, sending Finnish forward Sami Mutanen Ässät over teä kettle with a check along the boards:

Or as Jarkko Ruutu would no doubt describe it, "assisting him in a line change." (Hey, good on him for not leaving his skates; never too old to learn...)

Jokerit lost the game, 5-2, to the aces on Tuesday night. Ruutu played 59 games for the team last season; his last appearance in the NHL was an April 24, 2011, Stanley Cup Playoff game for the Anaheim Ducks against the Nashville Predators. We can only assume he wanted to get out before Brendan Shanahan took over the Department of Player Safety …