Watch Ian Laperriere’s teeth go from his mouth to Megan Fox’s in ‘This is 40′ (VIDEO)

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When Judd Apatow was writing "This is 40", he penned a scene in which Leslie Mann's Debbie and a friend (Desi, played by Megan Fox) go to a club and meet a hockey player with false teeth. When it came time to cast, Apatow went for his trademark realism, looking for an actual hockey player with false teeth. A Philadelphia Flyers official recommended Ian Laperriere, who had just completed his final NHL season with the team, during which he was hit in the face with the puck twice and lost seven teeth. Laperriere jumped at the chance, even putting off the post-career dental work he had planned so that he'd still have false teeth when it came time to film.

With "This is 40" in theatres Wednesday, a clip of Laperriere's scene has hit the Internet (first posted The 700 level). Now you can finally see what Apatow had planned for those teeth:

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True story: Laperriere's false teeth aren't even the worst things to come out of Megan Fox's mouth. That award goes to her lines in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

When asked, during a Q&A session, how it felt to see Megan Fox wearing his teeth, Laperriere seemed pleased. "Not too many guys get to say that," he crowed.

"You're the only guy in the world to have his teeth in her mouth," Judd Apatow added.

As you can see, Laperriere isn't the only Flyer to make an appearance in this scene. He recruited Scott Hartnell, Matt Carle and James van Riemsdyk to accompany him to Hollywood, and Hartnell's cameo even turned into a speaking role.

"We play for the Philadelphia Flyers," he says. Method acting at its finest.

Now, the question that isn't asked in the scene but I suspect might be asked by a number of people who watch it, is this: "How, exactly, did you lose them?"

He blocked a shot with his mouth, and wouldn't you know it, we've got that video right here.

As mentioned, Laperriere lost seven teeth when this puck tried to jump down his throat. But don't feel too bad: two of them were already fakes. He's used to this.

Incredibly, Laperriere didn't miss a single game from the injury because he was an insanely tough hockey player. Case in point: it wasn't the last time he was hit in the face with a puck that season. He didn't miss a single game after taking this puck to the eye in that year's playoffs.

But it was all worth it, because thanks to his affinity for putting his face in front of pucks, now Ian Lapierriere is a movie star.

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